Short Tales

I often write short stories, or even some flash fiction (i.e. very short stories). Sometimes it might be because I’ve had an idea on my mind, or I’m writing something for my children, or an emotion of one type or another threatens to burst through my skin. Or maybe something just takes my fancy.

I don’t publish them all on this page (and my editor would shudder that I publish any), but a handful I like enough to share. So, here they are. I hope you enjoy them.

Four Words

I’ve made no secret of my struggles with depression over the years. I wrote this short piece during one of them. Most people were surprised when I “came out” so to speak. I had always seemed so happy and resilient, apparently. This piece thus serves as a reminder to me that what shows on the surface doesn’t always mirror the feelings within.

Shadow’s Poison

A short story from the world of Aylosia

“Chet” in the old tongue of Aylosia refers to to the state of something when it is dying. But not any form of dying. Chet is a type of unnatural dying: from deliberate violence, and into a state of irreparable chaos and disrepair.

“Tu” in the old tongue refers to the soul. So the combination of those words into “chet’tu” references a violent death of the soul. More than a poisoning, perhaps more like a shredding.

The creatures named “chet’tu” play a prominent role in the Aylosian Chronicles and I thought it was interesting to explore their creation: a deliberate act to bring misery upon the inhabitants of the land.

The Gloston

If the short tales above are a bit dark, this one is anything but. A few years ago, my children’s Primary school asked parents to submit a 300 word short story as part of a literature week. It was winter and snowing outside. And as I sat in our living room staring at our warm fireplace, a thought came to me…

The Wall

I made a conscious decision at about the age of 8 that resulting in my shutting down feelings of emotion. That’s caused me all sorts of problems over the years, and it’s possible it one reason I have so many weird physical things wrong with me now. Attempting to break free from these self-imposed shackles has been a sore battle: the fear of “but what will happen if I allow these feelings out?”

It was with these fears I wrote this piece. I sent it to some of my fans and asked for possible titles. One suggestion absolutely nailed it: The Wall.