That which men call courage is oft little more than a foolish sense of invulnerability. At other times it is the pursuit of glory that drives one to dare the impossible. Or perhaps a man’s hero is one who seeks escape from the tedium of daily life, or even from facing the battles with his inner self. Thus, what man calls courage might in truth be cowardice.

No. The courageous man will fear; for acting in spite of our fears is a part of true courage. He will seek no glory; for the courageous know their acts may be unknown, ignored or even denounced by men, great and small. And he understands the demons within himself will not depart by his choosing to run from them; for in reality they are no more than another fear.

One with true courage holds in his heart things of greater import than fear. He values integrity more than the esteem of men. He places the welfare of the vulnerable above that of his own. And thus, he will find eternity’s scales forever balanced in his favour.

From the Sayings of Dathmiel

(Tales from Aylosia, Mistress of Snow and Ice)