Map, Glossary and more

Map, Glossary and more


"Always it is the Erallis Flower"

from Woven Peril

Short Stories in Aylosia

Shadow's Poison – A tale of the creation of Chet'tu

Mistress of Snow and Ice – Set in the same time as the end of Woven Peril, Yela must gain new strength from her Weaving if she is to protect a group of children in her care 

Glossary and Pronunciation Guide 

(Ajiq'csi) Jixi   (Jix-ee)

One of the Nixu. He leads Michael to the camp of the Elahish

(Aniq'csu) Nixu   (Nix-oo)

Small beings with charcoal black skin, razor sharp teeth and fingernails, and large blood-red eyes

Amafar   (Am-ah-far)

Warmaster of the Rist that took Michael to Aperocalsa

Aperocalsa   (App-air-oh-cah-l-sah)

The sole surviving city in the central lands of Aylosia

Arevu   (Ah-ray-voo)

The Hafashal of the Sounthern Waylet's Lora

Ashael   (Ah-shy-el)

Legendary daughter of The Seer. Though immortal, she has not been seen in Aylosia for nearly a thousand years

(The) Ashput   (Ash-put)

Part of the city of Aperocalsa where the poor live

Aylosia   (Ay-loh-shah)

The land into which Michael is drawn.

Baro   (Bah-row)

The leader of the people in the tunnels under Aperocalsa. A Fire Weaver.

Berah   (B-air-ah)

An older member of the Southern Waylet's Lora


A young woman slightly who works with Michael in the library in England

Cedrill Hills   (Ked-rill Hills)

A group of tall hills in the centre of the land. Rumoured to have once been home to powerful Weavers, they are now feared for 'evils' covering them

Cesir   (Sess-ear)

A warrior from the city. Carries Michael on his Karrabesh as he travels to Aperocalsa

Chet'tu   (Chet-too)

Huge black canines. Their fangs drip with poison, and their long matted fur is greasy


A homeless man living in the alley next to Michael's flat in England

Dathmiel   (Dath-me-el)

Legend says he was a son of The Seer, but has never been known by the inhabitants of Aylosia

Devu   (Dev-oo)

A Sword Weaver in the Southern Waylet

Elahish   (El-ah-hish)

A word meaning 'Outcast', it is now the name of the Weavers roaming the southern forests


The ceremony binding a man and woman together amongst the Elahish, performed by a Soul Weaver

Eramica   (Err-ah-mee-kah)

Michael's mother, found by the Guardian in the city of Aperocalsa

Erena   (Err-ay-nah)

A Bow Weaver from the Southern Waylet

Esteriel   (Es-terr-ee-el_

Legend says she was the other daughter of The Seer. Like Dathmiel, she has never been known by the inhabitants of Aylosia

Evalcalsa   (Ev-ahl-cahl-sah)

A city in Aylosia. Now in ruins


A prophecy

Fultahisa   (Full-tah-hee-sah)

Artist, famous in the city of Aperocalsa

The Guardian

Title of the man who governs the city of Aperocalsa

Gulan   (Goo-aln)

Pack animals

Hafashal   (Hah-fah-shahl)

Title given to the leader of the Elahish Lora


Sweet fruit found in Aylosia

Hurala   (Hoo-rah-lah)

Aneh's father

Ippi   (Ipp-ee)

Aneh's Shosa

Italcalsa   (It-ahl-cahl-sah)

A city in Aylosia. Now in ruins

Jashmarael   (Jash-may-ry-el)

Son of Ashael

Joh   (Joe)

Friend of Eramica, living in the Ashput

Karrabesh   (Karr-ah-besh)

Animals serving as both mounts and as a source of meat

Kasha   (Kash-ah)

Aneh's sister

Kerid Stones   (Kerr-id Stones)

Glowing blue and green stones used as part of the Entwining ceremony

Leta   (Let-ah)

Woman who serves as a guide for Michael in the Palace

Lohka   (Low-kah)

Aneh's mother

Lora   (Law-rah)

Ruling council of the Elahish


Senior librarian in England


Young man drawn from England into the world of Aylosia

Mirucalsa   (Mi-roo-cahl-sah)

A city in Aylosia. Now in ruins

Mya   (My-ah)

Shosa belonging to Arevu

Pava   (Pay-vah)

Young woman who befriends Michael in Aperocalsa

Peralcalsa   (Pair-ahl-cahl-sah)

A city in Aylosia in the southern forests, and adjacent to Tarellin's Folly. Now in ruins

Peran   (Pair-un)

Michael's Shosa


A company of Aperocalsa soldiers. Consists of 50 men.


Man who raises Michael in England

Samo   (Sah-mo)

Youn gman who befriends Michael in Aperocalsa


Title given to a man said to have lived thousands of years before. Could see into distant future, knowing the needs of the land. Father of Ashael, Dathmiel, and Esterial.

Shosa   (Show-sah)

Huge felines with long silver coats with dark patterns


A seasonal camp for the Elahish. They have one for each season 

Talleth   (Tah-leth)

Building in which it is said is concentrated some of the power of Ashael

Tarellin's Folly   (Tah-rell-ins Foll-ee)

Hgue chasm in the southern forest adjacent to the ruined city of Peralcalsa

Tils   (Tills)

Large rodent. Feeds on flesh of dead and dying creatures


Overall commander of all of Aperocalsa's army


Commander of a Rist


Group of the Elahish who wander a specific part of the forest. Divided into the Northern, Western, and Southern Waylets


Name of the magic used by humans in Aylosia. Why it is ubiquitous amongst the Elahish, while almost no-one in Aperocalsa have a Weaving, is not known

White Messenger

Name given to a being who appeared over a thousand years ago and gave the Foretelling

Woodland Star

Name given to a symbol in Michael's dream. It consists of overlapping triangles; the lines of which flow naturally like branches, and the points of which are shaped like three-petaled flowers