Behind Aylosia

I lay in bed one night in 2014 thinking of fantastical stories, as I was wont to do at the time, and thought of a young man. He was anonymous, this boy in his late teens. And he lived in a dliapidated flat where he would sit at night and read books. And so began the journey of Michael in The Aylosian Chronicles.

On this page you can find out a bit more about how The Aylosian Chronicles cames to be. I decided to talk a little about each chapter in Dreams and Shadows: what were some of the key ideas I wanted to incorporate, imagery, maybe a bit about actually writing it. None of the sections are long, but I hope they give you a bit of insight. You’ll also see I haven’t finished them yet. It’s slow going with all of the other projects I’m working on, but I’ll gradually add to them.

The Introduction is available for anyone to read, but the other chapters are reserved for my email subscribers and you’ll need a password.