Behind Aylosia

On this page you can find out a little more about how the land of Aylosia came to be, and some of my thought processes behind the stories in the Aylosian Chronicles. Kind of a "Making of...", I guess.

I've taken the approach of writing a little about each chapter in turn. My hope is that once I have an entry for each chapter from Dreams and Shadows, I'll pull them together into an ebook, and send it to my email subscribers.

The first page , the Introduction, is available for anyone to read, but to access the others you'll need to be a subscriber. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, if you subscribe to my newsletter you're more likely to have read Dreams and Shadows, and the articles below will be filled with spoilers. If you were to read the articles before reading the book, your reading experience would be spoiled, I think. 

Second, this is something of a thank you to those who have read and enjoyed my writing enough to actually want to keep up to date with progress on the series.

And with that preface, click on the links below, type in the password when asked, and enjoy!