Short Stories

Short Stories

From time to time I'll write a short story, and unless there is a reason not to, I'll publish them here. Some will be stories from Aylosia: the land of The Aylosian Chronicles (although I have written some from Aylosia that aren't published as they contain spoilers for later books). Others may simply be something that I had on my mind.

While I have my books professionally edited, that isn't the case with my short stories, so there may be the occasional spelling or grammar issue. Hopefully, they're rare, though.

I hope you enjoy them.

Four Words

Four Words is a very short story, with four sets of four word phrases: one at the beginning and end, plus two sets in the centre.

It was written at a very dark time in my life, and was published by CALM on their web-site. I'll write more about that dark time one day...

The Gloston

I wrote this when my daughters' school asked parents to submit a 500 word short story. It was in the midst of a cold winter, and as I sat cozily in front of our glowing fireplace at home, a thought came to me...

Tales from Aylosia: Shadow's Poison

This short story is set long before the events of Dreams and Shadows, but it details an event that is relevant for all of the Aylosian Chronicles: different elements shed light on each of the three books in the Aylosian Chronicles series.

Tales from Aylosia: Mistress of Snow and Ice

Mistress of Snow and Ice is set in the world of Aylosia, during the time of Woven Peril, book 2 of the Aylosian Chronicles.

It's a story that takes place away from the main quest in Woven Peril, but is relevant to the story, most particularly for Book 3 of the Aylosian Chronicles, which will see some of the same characters return. This short story is now for sale on iBooks, Kobo and Amazon, but if you sign up to my mailing list you'll get it for free!