My Writing

"Words, like eyes, are windows into a person's soul, and thus each writer, in some small way, helps to enrich the world. But it takes courage to share one's life with another, for we live in a world where every sentence penned can be criticised or praised. But it is a risk worth taking, for a greater vision remains: that through our words, be they fiction or fact, we might touch another soul as we share our stories and song. In that moment, however brief, we suspend the walls of separateness that so often cause suffering and pain."

- source unknown

Wisdom Literature

At the point of writing this, there are over fifty pieces of original wisdom quotes within The Aylosian Chronicles. In most instances, these serve as the epigraphs to each of the chapters in the novels, but they contain a much application for the human soul.

Short Stories

Ranging from one hundred words up to nearly ten thousand, some of these are set in the world of Aylosia, while others I simply wrote to get some feelings out of my system.

The World of Aylosia

Maps, glossaries, short stories and more

A Link to My Non-Fiction Religious Writings

This takes you to an external website, where I occasionally write about some of my Christian beliefs