I don’t know about you, but I’m glad 2016 is over. It was an eventful year, for sure. Sometimes in a good way. Other times… well, less so. As I look back across the year, though, I’m surprised at what I managed to accomplish.

On a personal level, last year was pretty difficult. My health took a real nosedive and in June I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that has left me in and out of a wheelchair and no longer able to drive because of my eyesight. Added to that was some other ill health in my family, plus a fair bit of financial insecurity. My hair is definitely greyer now than it was a year ago!

But I’ve also achieved quite a lot during that period. In June, I published Woven Peril, and shortly thereafter produced new book covers for both of my Aylosian Chronicles novels. I spent a fair amount of time planning and then starting book 3 in the series, Erallis.

In September, I figured I’d moped enough about my new disability and decided to try and take more control of my life. So I started a publishing business, Aelurus Publishing, and before I knew it I had 4 amazing authors signed.

I also started a new standalone satirical book taking a look at the world of business through the story of a Zombie corporate takeover. And just to add some further variety, I published a children’s illustrated book in December – The Twelve Days of Catmas.

Finally, I finished my contribution towards a collaborative non-fiction book about mental health, talking a bit about my own experience with depression.

Of that lot, the only things I had actually expected to do in 2016 was the publication of Woven Peril, and my beginning of Erallis. So much for plans, hey?

But ignoring the lessons of the past about the many great things I plan versus what actually transpires, I have a load of expectations for the next 365 days. Indeed, barring any of life’s enormous spanners being thrown my way in 2017, I have a full and exciting year ahead of me.

I need to finish Erallis, of course, which I now expect I will have to split into two books. My plan is to publish both of them a month apart so that you won’t have to wait long to read the story’s conclusion. Without any doubt it’s the hardest thing I’ve written and I’m constantly having to push myself beyond the limits I thought I had to write it. That makes it all the more satisfying as a writer of course!

While writing Erallis, I’ve also started what I think will be a novella length book covering the period in between Woven Peril and Erallis. It won’t be essential reading to follow the story through to its conclusion but if you love the world of Aylosia then I think you’ll find it fun and interesting.

I have an audiobook of Dreams and Shadows coming out in late winter/early spring. The narrator I have is amazing, and I’m so looking forward to having that produced and available.

My Zombies Ltd, or Zombies Inc, or whatever I’ll end up calling it needs to be finished and published this year. Plus, I’m hoping the book about mental health is published – although that one might take longer as we’ll be seeking a traditional publisher.

Last, but certainly not least, I have at least 9 books from my 4 authors to publish through Aelurus Publishing, in the genres of Young Adult, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, and Dystopian. The first two should be out on 1st February.

So, all in all, it’s looking like being a busy year! But for me, that’s great. Let’s hope I manage to stick to my plans in 2017.

What about you? How was your 2016 and what are your plans for 2017? Whatever they are, here’s to a fantastic year!