Get to know me

Born far too many years ago, I spent years working in the world of healthcare until I fell upon my true love of writing. Now I can’t stop the stories coming. Fantasy is my first love, but I spread out just a little from there, as well as dabble with some non-fiction.

My claims to fame, in no particular order:

1. I’ve lived on four continents (Australia, North America, South America and Europe). I still consider myself an Aussie, but probably fit in better here in the UK

2. I currently have four cats: two Birmans and two Norwegian Forest cats. They’re adorable

3. I have four children (Ah, I see a pattern here)

4. I once starred in a television commercial as a child in Australia. Okay, starred is overstating it. I wore some shorts and stood there. They tried an action shot with me throwing a frisbee but I hit the camera or lights every single time – bang went my acting career. I like to think my writing is better.