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With plot twists and turns, wisdom literature to make you ponder, and a story both tragic and triumphant, The Aylosian Chronicles will linger in your mind long after you have finished reading

Dreams and Shadows

Book 1 in the Aylosian Chronicles

Michael is a young man in modern England, minding his own business in the local library. Life turns on its head, however, when he has a powerful dream, full of symbols and foreshadowing. After awakening the next morning, he is compelled to seek answers of his dream: a quest that soon draws him into the beautiful and magical land of Aylosia.

In an unfamiliar world with frightening creatures chasing him, threats against his life from all sides, and no way of knowing who he should trust; Michael must learn to face truths within himself in order to gain the power to save those he has grown to love. 

Woven Peril

Book 2 in The Aylosian Chronicles

The Guardian’s forces may have left the forest, but they haven’t departed from Michael’s mind as he struggles to learn what his enemy will do next. Torn between feelings of guilt and love, he must now push ahead to find mythical halls deep in the earth, where secrets from the distant past are spoken of, and new riddles unearthed.

Entering dark paths, Michael must learn to use his growing power if he is to discover that which will save the land, at the same time as trying to protect those now under his care from new and deadly monsters sent to hunt him.

And all while he struggles to understand mysteries surrounding his mother.

Mistress of Snow and Ice

A Short Story from the World of Aylosia

In this short story, when a terrifying beast attacks their forest home, fifteen year old Yela must escape into the mountains with several children. Little does she realise what additional terrors threaten them there… or that the fate of her entire people will rest on decisions she and her young charges will be forced to make.

My Current Works in Progress

Erallis: Book 3 in The Aylosian Chronicles

I'm aiming for publication in the summer of 2017, though I have to say it's much more challenging to write than the first two books. There is a possibility (eek) I have to split the final part of the story into two. But if I do that, I'll release them close together so there's not too long to wait for the finale.

It's a Zombie Apocalypse, but not as you've ever known it. The Zombies are smiling.

N.B. Let's see how I do with writing satire... 


You've read the books, seen the movies. Masses of deformed and deranged former-humans running mindlessly after uninfected people. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know the story.

But what if a Zombie apocalypse wasn't like that at all? What if, instead of running around trying to eat people's brains, Zombies were actually smart. Some of them, anyway. Well, smart enough at least to plot and scheme and rise to the top of large corporations and even the government.

What if they've already done that? And what if they have a plan for the rest of us?

Jess is a (relatively) normal young woman going about her (relatively) normal life until she is saved one night by a not-so-normal zombie named Edward. That's when she starts to figure out what is really going on around her. That's when she starts to fear.

Which is precisely what she should do. Because now she suspects the truth, the zombies really are after her. And they'll want to do more than just eat her brains.